Individual Savings Account Key Features


This type of account is only available to individual applicants who are resident in the UK and are 18 years of age or older. An ISA may be appropriate for clients who wish to shelter the growth of their investments from Capital Gains Tax or their income from additional UK income tax. Investments within an ISA can be dealt over the telephone or online. There are charges for operating an ISA, please refer to the charges section for full details.

Benefits and features of our ISA service
An Individual Saving Account (ISA) is a tax efficient investment that allows you to invest each tax year up to the annual ISA subscription limit in either shares or cash.
Stocktrade offers an Execution Only (i.e., self select) Stocks & Shares ISA and the ability to transfer-in existing Cash or Stocks and Shares ISA held with other ISA managers.
Any capital growth within your ISA is not subject to Capital Gains Tax.
You can regularly withdraw from your ISA without incurring additional UK income tax.
An ISA enables you to invest in recognised stock markets worldwide.
Assets held on your behalf electronically, allowing efficient settlement of transactions and increased security as no paperwork is required.
All administration handled on your behalf including collection of dividends which are credited to your Income account. Where applicable, automated dividend re-investments for corporate ISA clients.
Option to receive statements, contract notes and Corporate Action notifications electronically (online access required) or by post.
No tax incurred on income from qualifying bonds.
There is no further liability for personal UK income tax from dividends or income you receive from an ISA.
Access to our Research Centre (online access required).
Ability to deal online.
Ability to deal by telephone.
Ability to place Limit Orders and stop loss orders for up to 30 days.
Valuations sent twice yearly are available online.
You can trade Unit Trusts and OEICS online and by telephone.
Exercise your voting rights using our online voting tool.
Pay for purchases by Debit Card (Visa Debit Card, Visa Delta Debit Card, Maestro Debit Card, MasterCard Debit Card) to your ISA subscription limit.
Ability to trade in foreign stocks (European, North American, Australian & Far East) as long as they are fully listed on a recognised Investment Exchange.

Register your account for online access

Registering for online access makes it easier to manage your Account, allowing you to:

  • View your portfolio
  • Access statements and contract notes online;
  • View and respond to Corporate Action notifications
  • Make Debit Card payments and cash withdrawals
  • Create a stock watch list to monitor stocks
  • View stock and cash history at any time
  • Gain access to our Research Centre; and
  • Place Limit Orders / stop losses online

Commision per transaction

Commission chargesRateMinimumMaximumMinimum commission will apply on amounts up toMaximum commission will apply on amounts from
ISA 0.4% £14.50 £50 £3625 £12500
Example If the consideration of your trade was £10,000 – at 0.4% you would pay commission of £40
Star trader* 0.2% £14.50 £50 £7250 £25000
Example If the consideration of your trade was £10,000 – at 0.2% you would pay commission of £20

* Only available after 50 trades

Regular Investment Plan, a charge of £2.50 per investment and Stamp Duty and PTM levy apply (see below), where applicable.

For the sale of any investment within the Regular Investment Plan, the ISA commission charges detailed in the table above apply.

Other transaction costs

UK Stamp Duty is levied on all purchases at the applicable rate e.g. currently 0.5%

Irish stocks have Stamp Duty levied on all purchases at the applicable rate e.g. currently 1%

Other transaction taxes may also be levied at applicable rates.

A £1 PTM (Panel on Takeovers and Mergers) levy is charged on all bargains over £10,000.

Fees & charges

Other fees & chargesAmountWhy we charge this feeTiming of charge
Foreign dealing charges for an ISA

No additional charge for trading in Crest eligible foreign stocks*.£50 additional charge for overseas settlement.

*Please contact Stocktrade to determine whether a foreign stock is Crest eligible.

Some foreign stock can only be dealt using overseas settlement, this occurs when the stock cannot be held in Crest or is not currently being held in Crest. We therefore have to hold the stock with an overseas custodian (who charge for the service). Detailed on the contract note of any transaction for which overseas settlement is required.
Charges for Bed & ISA £29 flat rate on the sale and no charge on the purchase to maximise the subscription. Dealing charge to sell & repurchase existing shareholdings into an ISA. Detailed on the contract notes of any Bed & ISA transactions.
Annual management fee for an ISA £30 minimum, 0.5%, £120 maximum. The fee we charge you for the operation of your account and holding your stock in our Nominee Company as well as HMRC reporting duties. Charged every month (around the 4th)
Individual fund switch per client £30 The fee we charge you to switch a fund with the same fund manager As applicable
To take up the rights in a rights issue or accept an open offer outside your ISA £15 The fee we charge you to transfer your rights for a Corporate Action out of the ISA into another account As applicable
Exit charge from an ISA £15 for UK stock.
£90 for foreign stock.
The charge for transferring any holdings out of your ISA. Per line of stock into your own name or to a third party
Early ISA closure fee £80 The fee we charge you to cover the administrative cost of closing the account in the first year As applicable
Void ISA fee (where there is a breach of HMRC Rules causing the ISA to become void) £80 The fee we charge you to cover the administrative time closing and reversing an ISA As applicable
Monthly fee from date of death to account closure £2.50 The fee we charge you to cover the administrative cost of reporting an ISA As applicable
Closure fee due to death £80 The fee we charge you to cover the administrative time involved in closing an ISA As applicable

UK VAT is applied on fees and charges in line with applicable legislation.

The annual management fee will be deducted from your Deposit account or via Direct Debit. Fees will be detailed in the bi-annual Valuation Pack.

When transferring stock out of your ISA, payment will be required before we commence the transfer. In the event that sufficient funds are held on deposit we will debit the charges from your ISA.

£15 administration fee levied on any payment issued by CHAPS.

£3 administration fee levied on any payment issued by Cheque.

Contact details

Registered ISA clients enquiries 0131 240 0448

The value of your investments can fall and you may get back less than you invested

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