Deposit account service

Stocktrade offer an instant access deposit account.

Our standard Deposit account is based in Sterling but we also offer Euro and US dollar deposit accounts which allows you to settle transactions in multiple currencies from a single online account.

Key features

  • No charge for operating a Deposit account
  • Can operate up to three different deposit accounts (GBP/EUR/USD), which allows you to settle your foreign transactions in local currency
  • Easy access to funds held on deposit
  • Allows quick and easy settlement of your transactions

Withdrawing funds from your Deposit account

You can make withdrawals from your Deposit account online (if you have activated your online account) and these will be paid directly to the bank account details held on file for you.

Alternatively, you can call Stocktrade and request a payment which will again be made to the account held on file.

Please note that the withdrawal of EUR or USD balances can only be requested over the telephone.

Further information on Deposit accounts

Deposit Account Interest is paid gross, accrued daily and credited twice yearly at the end of April and October. Please be aware that gross payment of interest may be subject to change in line with tax legislation.

A Tax Voucher is issued at the end of each tax year.

Interest is not paid on monies held in your Income account.

Please refer to the Rate Card for interest paid on GBP, EUR and USD Deposit accounts.

Adding money to your Deposit account can be done using the following methods:

Via Debit Card (a Debit Card transaction can be made either over the telephone or online). When making a payment via Debit Card, you will be asked to confirm that the Debit Card is in your name and registered at the same address as your account with us; or

• Transferring funds direct into the Deposit account.

Bank details are available online, after you have logged in, or please contact Stocktrade.

Monies can be transferred to Stocktrade in GBP, USD or EUR. You must use the appropriate bank details for the currency you remit to us. This will ensure that the monies remain in the currency without any foreign exchange fees being applied by our bank.In the event that you would like to credit us with funds in sterling to settle a foreign currency deal, we will convert the funds from sterling.

Unless an alternative arrangement is made, your current Deposit account balance plus any sale proceeds due before settlement of your purchase(s) represents your available funds with Stocktrade.

Please note that we are unable to accept funds from a third party.


The value of your investments can fall and you may get back less than you invested

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